Porto's Oldest Fado Restaurant

Founded in 1968, CASA DA MARIQUINHAS is the only Fado Restaurant
with the distinction of being an establishment of historical and cultural interest


- Live Fado Performances and Portuguese Gastronomy -

In 1968, history was made. D. Heitor Gil de Vilhena made a pact with Fado and the Cathedral of Fado in Porto, Casa da Mariquinhas, was born. Casa da Mariquinhas is located in the heart of the city, in the typical Sé district, opposite the Arco de Santana, immortalized by Garret, and at the foot of the Cathedral. With 50 years of history, this mythical venue exudes Fado through the pores of its granite walls. All the great names of national Fado have passed through here and continue to do so.

Live Fado Dinners

CASA DA MARIQUINHAS offers a unique gastronomic experience to the sound of good portuguese music. The Fado performance takes place during dinner, with several presentations lasting around 15 minutes each. When the singers and guitarists appear, the room plunges into absolute silence to watch the show. The room is usually closed for the duration of the show and people remain in their seats.

- The Flavors of Portuguese Cuisine with the Magic of Portuguese Fado -

A Restaurant that keeps Fado's Culture alive

House Specialties

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We have created a selection of traditional Portuguese dishes, using the best local produce. The menu includes vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free options, with a touch of freshness and imagination.

Fado's Tradition

If you’re coming to Porto, a visit to this establishment recognized as being of historical and cultural interest is a must.
See some of the best moments of Fado in the City and at Casa da Mariquinhas.

Best Moments

– A journey through Fado's History in Porto –

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